Mentorships and Collaborations


Mentorship Training

Graduate Mentoring Academy Fellow in 2022 May (attended mentoring workshops and received training for seven mentoring competencies at Texas A&M University Graduate and Professional School)

Mentorship Publication:

"Meeting The Mentorship Needs Of International Students In The United States", 2022

Research & Teaching Mentorships 

Research Consultation: 

KY Zhang, YJ Yang, G Zhang, T Nuzhath, R Aggad, JR Tan, R Kaur, V Cheng, J Vennatt, D Doyle, T Falohun, KV Ajayi, WW Myint

Other Professional Experiences

Lead researcher at Olera, lnc. (Specialized in digital health and elderly care qualitative and quantitative research)

Health Research Assistant at Texas A&M University, Duke University, and Wuhan University (project management, data management & analysis, grant proposal writing, scientific writing, molecular biology lab experiments, etc )

Healthcare Consulting Intern (Specialized in cancer treatment guidelines, clinical trial interpretation, and digital health platform management)

Research and Development Intern at Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Company  (Specialized in quantitative immunofluorescence assay and reproductive health product development)

Human Resources Intern and Recruitment Assistant (Specialized in interviewing, marketing, social media campaign, conference organization, and communication)